At events across the province in late 2019 and early 2020, members of the UBC Faculty of Medicine community came together to celebrate the contributions of our faculty, staff, students and learners who are bringing our vision to life every day, and also provided their input into the development of the values that will shape the Faculty’s activities, interactions and decisions in the years ahead.

Read our consultation report to learn more about how we engaged, and how our values are helping us to move towards a people-centric desired culture that actively supports the achievement of the Faculty’s vision.

From a list of approximately 475 values contributed by the Faculty community, the following five values emerged to the top as our core values:


Regard felt or shown towards different people, ideas and actions


The quality of being honest, ethical and truthful


The act of showing kindness and empathy to others


Working together with an individual or group of people towards achieving a common goal by sharing ideas, skills and actions


Presence of fair and just processes that promote access to opportunities by providing support based on individual and group needs